Project 52 B&W
Week 52: Redo
#P52BW13 | +Project 52 B&W
Curated by +Tisha Craw, +Susan Porter, & +Lauri Novak

For this final installment and to close out the amazing project I worked on with B&W imagery for 2013, I decided to combine 2 themes that I felt I went a bit safe on:

Week 24: Get Low

Week 37: Sports

These are not horrible, but I felt I went a bit safe so that I could produce something quickly for the week and move on with other things.  For my final, I wanted to blend the movement from the Week 37 theme and also the lowered angle for the “Get Low” portion.

I used a slightly tilted angle as well to frame Miss Tenshi as she played with her newest Christmas presents.


I want to thank everyone who was a part of this project and the awesomesauce curators for keeping us on our toes!

I look forward to an excellent 2014!

For now, this project has a fork in it because it is DONE! ♥

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