It Is What You Make It

So, for +Selfy Sunday I decided to try something a little different after my plans fell through….  I had a bit of a technical difficulty when one of the bulbs I bought had not worked, but I stepped up plans to do something else I had never tried before instead.

I left it wide open and began experimenting with pieces of plastic and acrylic ornaments in front of the lens, which I had to build a make-shift stand to hold.  The coolest one was the cut acrylic piece that fractured and created this haze in each piece.  As I was trying this on the fly, it took me a bit longer to figure out how I wanted the light to go and how I wanted the ornament to sit in front of my lens all while trying to make sure I was in the right position.

Once I got the camera hooked up and got the files imported, I began to look through them.  For some reason, this one just popped out at me.  I loved the way it had this dream-like quality to it.

I added a slight contrast to the eyes and softened the skin, but that was it.  All of the rest of the effects were from the acrylic ornament.

Seriously, I can’t wait to try this again in the future.  I had fun experimenting with it, and hey, I love finding a reason to put on one of the many prop wigs I own.

I have a few other gems from this series to share, but for now, this was a good fresh start to the year, and I am rolling with my mantra of:

“This year is mine to push the boundaries and create, with my images, a world all my own.”

If you have not done so already, please take time to view or participate in the Fresh Start edition of  #SSP this week:


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