Momentous Epiphany

“Retouching, to me, is removing the distractions to show the true beauty of the subject.”

Over the 2013 year, I spent a good amount of time beginning to hone my portraiture and retouching skills.  I began to have a love affair with retouching images because I looked at it from an artistic standpoint (and not that of a journalistic place where you want to show every detail); I wanted to show the beauty I saw in people and myself without the distractions of fly away hairs, a dark circle under the eyes, or that iconic zit that always seems to pop up just before anyone plans to have a photo taken of themselves.

Whenever I painted a portrait or just sketched on out, one thing was clear, you knew in the end, it was your responsibility to drive the viewer to look at the things you want them to look at and feel through their eyes.  So, I am going to use 2014 to continue to bring about that vision and style in my work (just without official projects).

This shot was born from getting creative without all the pieces I needed to get the intended shot, but what I realized when working it all out in post was that while it wasn’t the full vision I initially wanted, but it is doing exactly what I hoped for…

It has all distractions removed so that the story and beauty is all that is left.

Cheers! ♥


#portraitphotography   #selfportrait  #selfportraitphotography   #selfportraiture
#experimentalimagery   #dreamycomposition  #myownworld

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