Reconstructing The Past: Retouching Anew

As part of my goals for 2014, I want to continue learning and reconstructing things.  In an effort to keep that up, I decided (as I was fixing up my folders here on G+) to create a post-processing reconstruction album for those times when I want to hone those retouching techniques on some images that are less than my level now.

To start it off right, I decided to use my first planned selfy outtake from my very first SSP session, which I was too nervous to post and ended up only hashtagging and sharing to my small circles back in 2011.

You will notice, that with my little P&S at the time, I had to hold it, which meant a poor angle, and I hadn’t quite learned the whole lesson of on-camera flash etiquette, but it gave me something fun to work on.

First, I went in and used the patch tool to remove the minor dark circles and even moved the flash catch lights over slightly.  Next, I cleaned up a few blemishes, red veins in the eyes, and distracting stray hairs with the spot/healing brush tools.  To even out the skin tone, I used my little Gaussian/desaturation technique, and finished it off with cloning some bang strips to fill in the spots that were too thin and separated for my tastes.  Lastly, I wanted to change the bright pink lipstick to something that matched the hair better, so I used an adjustment layer to do that.  The final touch was adjusting some of the tones to tie it all together.

So, in a little under 45 minutes, I took a P&S JPG file and cleaned it up to something a little different.

I will admit, it was pretty fun and made me consider what I was doing…

Damn, I love a good challenge!

Enjoy! ♥


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