The Reconstruction of a Roaring 20’s Starlet: Vintage Clara Bow

I often hear remarks that I have a vintage starlet look; I have been sent posts and tagged in shares saying that I resemble gorgeous and fierce ladies like Bette Davis, Dorothy Lamour, Myrna Loy and a few others from some of my various portrait concepts.

I really appreciate all those awesome compliments, and it made me decide to do a little reconstruction detour to the 1920’s to embody a few of my favorite flappers (especially Clara Bow).  This one was greatly inspired by Clara, but there is some definite Louise Brooks inspiration in this as well.

Those women are icons of a very important movement for women at the turn of the century – they were bold, they were brash, and they were making a mark on the world.  No wonder I feel a special  way about them!

I spent time being true to the era by curling my hair, styling it the way they would have, blocking out my brows once again to get that thin and penciled in look, creating that smoky look that is quite infamous for the time, and even constructing the hair piece (along with a few others) to stay in line with the 20’s.

I have a set of BTS images I will share tomorrow (along with a write-up on the set-up).

But, for now…

It is time for this trend-reconstructor to head off to dream land and come up with new ideas for future works!

Please be sure to join in or view the other work for this week’s themeless +Selfy Sunday project at:

Enjoy! ♥


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