The Make-Up and Hair of a Classic Flapper in a Modern Era

So, I guess it has been about 1.5 weeks since I said I was going to post a tutorial/BTS of the flapper look I created for the last Selfy Sunday Project I participated in.

The inspiration was Clara Bow, and this is how it went:

1. The first thing I had to do was blow dry my hair fresh from the shower;
2. Next, I had to roll the hair, which meant tons of heat treatment spray and hairspray;
3. Once the hair was properly rolled, I had to comb it all out and shape it slightly – then spray again.
4. I had to leave it until the end because I didn’t want to knock anything while I applied the make-up.
5. The make-up began with SmashBox’s Photo Finish Primer, upper lid primer and under eye primer.
6. Now, it was time to block out the brows so I brushed them and smoothed them until pretty flat and then used a normal Elmer’s clear glue stick and waited for them to set.
7. Once set, it was time to use concealer over them to block out the dark color of my brows.  This can require a few coats.
8. Set the concealer between each coating to help.
9.  I selected a shade 2-3 levels lighter than my actual skintone since flappers went quite pale, and I was also quite liberal in the application since the era was about being “made-up”.
10.  Before going to the eyes, I set the foundation and did a quick outline of the new brows with a cake brow powder (BH Cosmetics).
11. Next, I filled them in with the cake powder and accented with a little brown cake powder as well.
12. Now, I started off with Benefit’s Stiletto eye shadow for the lid.
13. Once that was applied, I used BH Cosmetic’s palette and used a gray in the crease and brushed it to the outer brow.
14. After that, I took the charcoal black and patted/pulled it from the outer corner of the eye towards the brow.
15. Next, I used a lavender in the inner corners and pulled it up towards the brown and then blended.
16. Under the eye, I pulled the charcoal from the outer to the inner corner of the eye and gently patted the lavender from the inner corner to the outer for a more dimensional look.
17. After that, I blended the colors and added a matte white to the brow bone to create a nice contrast between the smokey look and the brow.
18. Before applying the lashes, I made sure to get a little liquid black liner on upper and lower waterlines.
19. Time to attach the false lashes with some simple lash glue.
20. Once they set, it is time to outline the lips.  For that, I used a dark wine color and created the exaggerated cupid’s bow.
21. I used a Lancome plum shade to fill it in and added a slight clear gloss to the center of the bottom lid just for added effect once in front of the camera and lights.
22. For the cheeks, I knew that I needed a slightly rose color for the apples, but wanted to use a rust bronzer for the contour.  I used a larger brush and made a gradient effect to the cheeks.
23. To finish off the cheeks, I added a slight shimmer shadow right at the top of the brow, just under the outer corner of the eye, to create a nice highlight.
24.  Now it was time to poof, fluff, and attach the hair appliances (head piece).
25. Last but not least, it was time to add the hand made jewelry; and

The look was complete.

Below, in the link, is the album that has a bunch of images of the steps I followed, but since I didn’t want to set up my DSLR for such a lengthy application, you are stuck with cell phone images.

I hope you enjoy! ♥

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