Framing Nature’s Grasp

This was the first shot for +Christina Lawrie‘s +Get Critiqued! January Challenge, which provided us all with FRAMES.

I decided to use my body as the frame here, but there is a bit of a backstory I would like to share.

First, it was during the chill we got here in Florida and the sun was just coming up when I saw frost all over the lawn.  I ran out and started taking pictures of all the fun shinies, but that is when I came across the little frosty weed blooming up.

I wanted to save it’s little icy prettiness as the sun was getting close and I knew it was going to disappear and be absorbed into the Earth, so I ran back inside, grabbed a rowel and my tripod and shot this.

The funny thing is that I had to composite out the towel and following Christina’s advice, the string loop from the hoodie. 😉

I loved the tones and the morning light here.  That is why it became one of my shots for the challenge and critiquing hang-out for January.

Stay tuned for the second image…

Hope you enjoy! ♥


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