A Wish And A Tear For Those Departed
A cloud was cast in grays and coals;
I though there would be more time.
The courage you showed in living through;
that spark will be immortalized in the tapestry of time.

I wished that you hadn’t gone so sudden,
I wished you hadn’t been in pain,
I wished you had more years left to shine, and
Ultimately, I wished for you to find peace from it all.

When you took your last breath, when you dispersed your energy
to the vastness of all creation;
I shed tears – ones of sadness, of mourning, loss, and goodbyes.

There is a need, a desire, to have more time,
but there is also a sense of happiness knowing your light is enveloping us all.
When cast in skin, you could only go so far, but now you are ever-reaching and unending.

There is a joy that can be felt in this.

To you, I wish you peace and light – to me, I wish to carry you with me always.
I shed a tear for you and for myself, but not all will drop in melancholy.

In remembrance of those who have come into my life and passed before I was ready, I share this image and words.

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