What Are You Passionate About?

“Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination.” – Diane Sawyer

So, as the years go by, the months roll past, the days march on and the minutes continue to tick forward, there is something that is becoming abundantly clear to me: I have a passion for portraiture and photography and the arts, but even beyond that, I love finding the beauty in people and then drawing it out with retouching and processing.

Sometimes, I use scrapped images like this and just sit down and rework them because I have a need and a passion to fix it, clean it up, or polish off any distracting flaws to uncover the person I find through conversation, interaction, self-reflection, and the overall photo shoot experience.

Just like people, they are all unique.  A sparkle in one person’s eyes may be what is needed to make them shine, for someone else, it may be how the light contours and caresses their cheek.  You never know until you start to work and begin the process.

Sometimes, I am influenced by a story, or other times by music that may be playing – it all depends and it always changes.  The one major constant is that I love to do it.

I love to to learn about it, talk about it, share it, educate people about it, and just do it.  Even when I work on images of myself, I see where I have beauty and I remove the distractions.  I don’t change who I am, I just uncover it in anew introspective way each time.

So, as you may now understand, I am passionate about what it is that I do…

What are you passionate about?



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