Ohhhh baby, it’s cold outside

Actually, here in sunny F.L. it is quite pleasant, but that didn’t stop me from embracing the theme for this week’s  #SSP  “Oh baby, it’s cold outside” in my own little way.

I had a few ideas for bragging about the nice weather with creating images of playing in a sprinkler to sitting in the sun with a cold, refreshing beer or glass of wine, but I didn’t want to make anyone sitting in the sub-arctic temperatures jealous, so after my 20 mile bike ride (round trip) for our nature hike, I decided to shower, put on a cowl neck sweater, and strike a simple, yet personal pose!

If you want to take part or if you just want to see what all my other friends are doing with this theme of selfy self-portraiture, click this link for the event:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/chpidv1qa2as8nprd0eu3qaf3j8

and, as always….

Enjoy! ♥


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