Speed, Or Something Like It

This was my first craptastic shot for speed, and while the composition and achromatics are visually loverly, it really wasn’t a conveyor of speed, which is why I deemed it a bit craptastic for theme coverage.

I had the great honor and privilege to run 2 of the +Get Critiqued! hang-outs this time around and want to say a special thank you to the two groups and +Christina Lawrie who allowed me to pitch in and help with a project-based critique I feel quite strongly about!

A few things about this shot:

1. It was taken after a very long ride and shot on a tripod so my shaky arms didn’t screw it up LOL!
2. This was created at around 1:00 PM and the shadows were primed for this composition.
3. besides making it achromatic, the only edits to this were a mild cropping and the use of a preset I made in LR to boost the contrasts of the lights and darks for shots with a lot of great leading lines and stark juxtapositions.

I hope you all enjoy! ♥

The Need For Speed

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