The Passing Of The Day Of The Double 3’s

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who wished me all the good vibes and birthday wishes.  You guys always amaze me with all the caring and support.  To give you a bit of an update on how that went, well….

It was an amazing day!

First, I slept in to a whole whopping 6:30 AM!  Impressive, I know.  Then, I got up and finished a few final projects for school because they thought it would be awesomesauce to make finals week the week of my birthday….Bastards!

Anywho, after that, I turned my brown and blonde ombre hair into that of brown and “holy hell your head is on fire” red!

From there, I went out to do a bit of personal pampering and shopping and visited the boyfriend up at work so that I could show of my new purchases and be surprised with a few gifts from there as well.

Later that evening, after I got all fancified with my new purchases, we went to this cool little hibachi place and had some of the best seafood I have ever tasted, then there was the whole sexy ab fest while we watched the 300: Rise of an Empire movie, and finally we finished of the evening at WOB, where I met Hayley, the most awesomesauce chicky server ever and had a blast chatting and Instagram’ing until it was time to end the evening.

One of the coolest parts of my day was meeting a lovely lady named Stidy at one store and found out she was interested in learning about photography and we exchanged numbers so I could help her out with any questions she may have, and of course, Hayley, who was just (as +Isabelle Fortin would say)Freaktastic !

Honestly, this year has been wonderful so far, even with a few hectic bumps and bruises, so I was almost worried that the double 3’s might end up sucking, but to the contrary, it was awesomesauce and amazeballs!

So, in a way to say thank you to everyone here for aiding in the awesomeness, and to pay tribute to my fantastic birthday (the ushering in of Spring YAY!) – Here is a little bit of me to give back to you!

Enjoy! ♥

The Portal Beyond Being


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