An Editor’s Choice Over At @KelbyOne

+Pete Collins was awesome enough to give my Welcome to Sin City image created in my Pop Art/ Comic Fusion series the Editor’s Choice recognition this week over at NAPP/Kelby Training (now known as KelbyOne)!

Talk about an awesome birthday gift! =D

This is what he said:

“Shantha Marie Fountain gives us a slightly retouched self-portrait. 😀 “Welcome to Sin City” is a fun graphic twist to a normal selfie. I always love to see folks experimenting with self-portraits because it shows a boldness and a willingness to learn and grow. Shantha used the influence of Sin City for her process, and I love the half-tone effect and the pop art feel. It is “spot” on… (OK, I will personally beat myself up for that one… sorry!) Keep up the great work!”

Thanks so much for this, Peter!  It really made my day to be grouped up with 4 other awesomesauce artists!

For anyone curious about the rest of the awardees, you can check it out by clicking on this link:


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