Show Me How You Work It

I have watched a few of Lindsay Adler’s KelbyOne videos on shooting people of all different shapes and sizes – you know, regular people (all of us)!  One thing I loved about it was the psychology behind it.  Ask people what they really dislike and then use your knowledge and experience to get flattering portraits.

Now, I am a hippy girl, and I do not mean in the granola sense (though, I love me some granola).  I have “birthing hips” and I used to be so ashamed of being short with wide hips.  Actually, as I have aged over the last 10-11 years, I realize that this helps to make me look curvy in a good way if shot in a flattering angle.

With the aid of a few birthday presents (fancy dress, shrug, and shoes) and my iPhone, I took some of the advice Lindsay spoke about in regards to ladies with curves and pulled off this flattering portrait.

As part of my goals for the year of working with the phone like a camera, I edited and cleaned it up with only the trusty apps at my disposal.

I hope you enjoy! ♥

#selfportrait   #iphoneography   #selfportraitphotography  #selfportraiture   #snapseed

#cameraawesome  #filtersandtextures   #seeingthebeauty   #goals2014  #flatteringyoursubject

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