Freaks & Geeks Revisited

I don’t think I ever tried to fit in much, nor do I think I really cared.  I was always going to do what I was going to do, and to hell with the status quo.  I can recall when I first bleached my hair white in middle school.  I waited for my mom to go away on a business trip and suckered my dad into getting me the supplies.  When my mom got home, what could she do?  It was already done HA!

It carried on through school, as you can see by my 10th grade photo-op with my friend Jessica.  We were an odd mix of grunge babies, hippies, and candy ravers.  We weren’t really defined and that was just how I liked it.

I still like to think I am pretty undefined because that means I can do anything and be anyone without trying to cram myself into some stereotypical box.

So, I encourage you all, on this +Blast From The Past kind of Thursday to live undefined and be undefined from any preconceived notions; just BE!

Enjoy this little reshare and have a great day! ♥

#blastfromthepast  with +Isabelle Fortin +Mark Rodriguez +Cheryl Cooper

#throwbackthursday   #tbt

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