School Work – Week 2 | Final Term

Simulate DOF

This is a series I created where I am going to chronicle my schoolwork from start to graduation.

This way, I can see my growth and I can share that knowledge and growth with all of you.

In this one, I was tasked with simulating DOF in an image.  Normally I would throw a macro lens on or another with a wide open aperture, but for this assignment, we were told to use PS to create a sense of depth.

I chose to use my Easter tulips for the job and so I could really close down the f-stop, I brought out a speedlight in a softbox to remove most of the depth of field.  On the left, you will see all of my edits and on the right, you will see the image as it was out of the camera.

I made it subtle, but I think it works just fine!

This was simply done by creating a layer and masking the main foreground flower out while adding a Gaussian blur o the selection to properly feather it.  Then I created a channel for this and applied a lens blur.  The selection was inverted and a layer mask was used to clean up any places that I felt needed to be fixed.

For the additional edits, I adjusted the tones and levels so they had a bit more contrast.

It was roughly, not counting camera time, about 30 minutes total.

Enjoy! ♥

#projectlearningexperience   #learnandgrowseries  

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