Please To Meet You, Hope You Guessed My Name

“Hee-hee… Nothing beats the sweet music of hundreds of voices screaming in unison! Uwee-hee-hee!” – Kefka Palazzo

If I could have a sinister alter ego that was hell bent on scheming, being destructive, and taking over the world, this is one to live up to since he literally took over the world.  He is infamous in the Final Fantasy universe for his sociopathic hatred of everything in existence.

Now, me?  I am pretty laid back, mellow, and working towards my own personal enlightenment, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little maniacal, cackling mage dressed like a court jester inside my head saying “burn it all” at times….

Maybe? ^.~

The world may never know, but I created this because I wanted to truly share an alter ego that is completely different than my normal self for the #SSP theme alter ego and I think I did just that.


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