Kefka Palazzo Production Video | After Effects

This is a video I created with image stills of the products, materials and gear used to create the Kefka Palazzo photoshoot.

The self portrait images are of my own creation as is the video, which was produced in After Effects and Camtasia Studio 8.

I needed to beef up my After Effects skills some because I need to use it for my portfolio class, so this seemed like a great time to try out some of the composition creation effects I have learned from

Opening Music is from Overclocked: Final_Fantasy_6_Cantata_for_Dancing_I_Mors_ego_sum_mortis_OC_ReMix

Additional music is Final Fantasy VI – Kefka’s Theme (Zenji Dubstep Remix) at

I hope you enjoy! ♥

#aftereffects   #adobe   #video   #behindthescenes   #bts

#themakingofkefka   #kefkapalazzo   #makeup   #makeupartist

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